January 15, Hong Kong
35 of the world's
famous & brightest minds
A whole day full of keynotes talks & seminars

Blockchain Technology
Future of Money
Future of FinTech
AI & Big Data
12 000
January 15, Hong Kong
35 of the world's
famous & brightest minds
A whole day full of keynotes talks & seminars

Blockchain Technology
Future of Money
Future of FinTech
AI & Big Data
12 000
The global economy is changing at the speed of sound, as new technologies are introduced every day to society. Most of the major entities of the enterprise world have already created their own blockchain strategies.

With the emergence of such technologies, the world is becoming more united, forming a truly decentralised network. Unfortunately, many people are left behind due to the relatively low level of adoption of concepts such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, or DLT.

Chain 2020 is launching a series of educational conferences promoting blockchain in the Asian region, aiming to become one of the key players locally and on a global scale.
Produce a comprehensive source of blockchain knowledge, enhancing mass adoption of the new technology in the region
Become the most influential and mind-captivating platform aiming to create connections and partnerships that will have a long-lasting impact on the industry
Advocate blockchain initiatives in ASIA and support mass adoption of the technology to advance business, science, and society
Jim Rogers
Investment Expert and Author
Jim Rogers is an author, financial commentator, adventurer, and successful international investor. He has been frequently featured in Time, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Barron's, Forbes, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, The Business Times, The Straits Times and many media outlets worldwide.
World's Most Advanced Human-like Robot
Sophia is Hanson Robotics' latest human-like robot, created by combining our innovations in science, engineering and artistry. She is a personification of our dreams for the future of AI, as well as a framework for advanced AI and robotics research, and an agent for exploring human-robot experience in service and entertainment applications. Sophia was created to be a research platform for Hanson Robotics' ongoing AI and robotics research work. Working with labs, universities and companies around the world, she is an architecture and a platform for the development of real AI applications.
David Hanson
Founder and Chairman of Hanson Robotics
David Hanson worked as a Walt Disney Imagineer, both a sculptor and a technical consultant in robotics, and later founded Hanson Robotics. As a researcher, Hanson published dozens of papers in materials science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and robotics journals. He wrote two books including "Humanizing Robots" and received several patents. He also received earned awards from NASA, NSF, Tech Titans' Innovator of the Year, RISD, Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial, and the co-received the 2005 AAAI first place prize for open interaction of an AI system.
Henri Arslanian
PwC Global Crypto Leader and Asia FinTech Leader
Henri is also the Chairman of the FinTech Association of Hong Kong and an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Hong Kong. He was named by LinkedIn as one of the global Top Voices in Economy & Finance. His latest book "The Future of Finance: The Impact of FinTech, AI and Crypto on Financial Services" was ranked as one of Amazon's global top 10 best-sellers in financial services. Chambers Global recent named Henri the "highest profile FinTech consultant in Hong Kong" and Asian Private Banker awarded him the "FinTech Changemaker of the Year" award. Before joining PwC, Henri spent many years with UBS Investment Bank in Hong Kong.
Zoran Djikanovic
President of the Capital Market Authority in Montenegro
Mr. Zoran Djikanovic, PhD is Professor of Economics at UDG and the forward-thinking Montenegro official, who engaged in the development of capital market regulation and market infrastructure since 1999. In cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and Central Bank, he is leading projects related to blockchain implementation for the capital market industry in Montenegro. He is the author of several papers on regulation and market infrastructure development. Member of Mont Pelerin Society since 2008.
Susan Oh
CEO of Muckr.AI
Susan Oh is a civic technologist in AI and blockchain integration, working with start ups and NGOs, the founder and CEO of Muckr.AI and a founding member of Blockchain Commission For Sustainable Development which has the support of the Office of Partnerships UN GA. She is a recipient of the Quantum Impact Award #DecadeOfWomen as one of Top Ten Frontier Women in Digital, and speaks globally on the role of AI and blockchain in serving the UN's sustainable development goals.
Richard Chen
Co-founder and CTO of WaykiChain, former Senior Vice President at Morgan Stanley
Richard is a seasoned technologist with vast experiences in successfully building internet applications, big data and AI and blockchain technologies. He served as Security Technology Head for Alibaba Customer Service Department and Senior Vice President in Morgan Stanley's Global Security team for 3 years and Intel's Chief Architect for 8 years where he won Intel's highest employee award -Intel Achievement Award. He has published several global patents in cryptography applications and submitted two patent applications in blockchain domain.
Dr. Ben Goertzel
CEO at SingularityNET
Dr. Goertzel is also Chief Scientist of Aidyia Limited, a Hong Kong investment management firm using advanced AI for financial prediction; and he serves as Chairman of the Artificial General Intelligence Society and is a research professor in the Fujian Key Lab for Brain-Like Intelligent Systems at the Xiamen University of Technology, China. He is one of the world's foremost experts in Artificial General Intelligence and the author of 20 books and 140+ research papers.
Dinis Guarda
Globally-recognized Top Influencer in Blockchain, AI, and Fintech
Dinis is an author, academic, serial entrepreneur and leader in 4IR, AI, Fintech, and Blockchain. With over 20 years of experience in international business and digital transformation, he has worked with new tech, cryptocurrencies, legal international processes, and has created a bank, and been involved in the inception of some of the top 100 digital currencies. He has been a Lecturer and Speaker in international business schools including Cambridge, Copenhagen Business School, and Monaco University. Dinis ranked as one of the most influential people in Blockchain by Cointelegraph.
Richard Wang
Partner at DFJDragon Fund/DraperDragon Fund
Mr. Wang joined DFJ Dragon Fund in 2011. Prior to DFJ Dragon Fund, he served as QunZhong E-Commerce's CEO and successfully open up the market and developed the franchise channel. Before entering QunZhong E-Commerce team, Richard founded OLEA Network with partners in Silicon Valley. Their company develops wireless intelligent ECG sensor by using the Doppler Radar technology. He has several technical papers published in IEEE journal.
Jenny Yang
Founder and CEO of BlockGlobe
Jenny has spent her entire career in the journalism field, from China Central TV Station news center to the Financial news department of Tencent. She has an acute sense of the trend of the global economy and technology, and how China is positioned in the global market.
Hari Eppanapally
Former Vice-President of Global InfoTech Division at Bank of New York Mellon
Dr. Eppanapally is a financial services expert, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist with 30+ years of experience. He served as Vice-President of Global InfoTech division at Bank of New York Mellon and Vice President of Investment Technology at Black Rock. He has been involved in managing highly visible global initiatives in the financial sector, including the merger of two leading asset management companies, Merrill Lynch Investment Managers and Black Rock with a combined AUM of over $1 trillion.
Jay Liang
Founder and Co-chairman of Hong Kong Blockchain Association
Veteran PE, VC, and hedge fund professional with over 25 years of experience from Wall Street to Asia Pacific; successful entrepreneur having founded OES Capital Group, a firm with billions of dollars in total AUM; active speaker on trade, public policy and geopolitical issues in US Congress, Chinese-American communities, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and many more.

Jorge Sebastiao
Huawei, CTO Ecosystem
Seasoned managed services, cloud computing, cyber security, blockchain, big data, AI, IoT and ICT innovation professional focused on business value. Over 30 years of ICT experience, covering, innovation, architecture as well as risk management, compliance, auditing, certification, business continuity, & disaster recovery. Served sectors include Telecom, Oil & Gas, Financial , Government, Defense, HealthCare, & Education. He architects practical & business focused solutions using standards & industry best practices.

Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof
Bitnation Founder and Inventor
Susanne is an award-winning entrepreneur, a crypto activist and writer, working in frontier environments. In the 2000s she built and sold multimillion-dollar contracting businesses in Afghanistan and Libya. Her companies conducted pioneering research on governance for the US State Department and Department of Defence. In 2017 she won the prestigious UNESCO NETExplo Grand Prix Award for Bitnation, and was named by WIRED as one of the leading innovators of the world fighting for your online privacy.
Carman Chan
Founder of Click Ventures
As one of the top 5 Women to watch in Asia Tech (Nikkei Asian Review), Carman Chan is a veteran in the technology industry with decades of experience as an entrepreneur with multiple exits, a tech columnist and a globally recognized venture capitalist.
Carl Eric Martin
CEO of The Moon YouTube
Carl is a crypto influencer whose YouTube channel, The Moon, boasts over 80,000 subscribers. As CEO and Host of The Moon, Carl focuses on bitcoin and crypto news while also providing some crypto-market analysis. Carl is combining technical and fundamental analysis in his daily videos. He is a young entrepreneur with a passion for Bitcoin and economics.
Christopher Jaszczynski
Co-founder at MM.Crypto YouTube
Chris is the as the co- founder of MMCrypto one of the most respected YouTube Influencers in the field of Crypto investments and trading. He conveyed: "Bitcoin is the most scarce asset that has ever been available to humans. Soon it will be the most valuable asset that has ever been available to humans. A recession is imminent. This is why events like this are so important. Only those who realize it early will be the beneficiaries - and we are still early."

Toufi Saliba
Co-Founder of Toda.Network
Co-authored fully-decentralized network protocol, co-founded Toda.Network, Forbes Technology Council Member. Loves algorithms, Cryptography, BFT Autonomous Decentralized Governance, Distributed Computing, Machine Learning, Game Theory, and AI in general.
Vit Jedlicka
President of Liberland
Politician, publicist, and activist who is highly influential in the Czech Republic. On 13 April 2015, he founded the libertarian free republic of Liberland, the world's first country powered by blockchain technology.
Samson Lee
Founder & CEO of CoinStreet Partners, Co-founder of The STO Lab, STO Global-X, and DFINI
Independent Director of DSS (NYSE : DSS), Co-Founder of Asia Pacific Digital Economy Institute, Vice President of Blockchain Applications & Investment Alliance, Founding Chairman of Belt & Road TechFin Association, Co-Founder of Ethereum South China Community, and Honorary Guest Lecturer & Fintech and Blockchain Committee of Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (EDC).
Barbara Bickham
Founder and CTO of Trailyn Ventures, Managing Partner at Women's Innovation Fund Accelerator
Barbara Bickham is the Founder & Managing Director of Women's Innovation Fund Accelerator, an opportunity zone venture fund, growing and scaling emerging tech companies by using a mix of acceleration, co-working and sustainability while requiring companies to have a gender-balanced C-suite. She is also the Founder & CTO at Trailyn Ventures, putting companies on the Blockchain. She is Female CTO Of the Year Nominee, 2019 by Women in IT Awards.
Clemen Chiang, Ph.D.
CEO of Spiking
Spiking, the first FinTech tracking app that helps the average trader to follow big investors as they buy and sell shares on the stock market. Spiking was supported by the National Research Foundation, Prime Minister's Office under the Interactive & Digital Media Strategic Research Program.
Malik Kotadia
FinTech Expert, former SVP of Global Digital Transformation at Citibank
Malik is a Digital Banker, Futurist and acclaimed author. In his 20+ years of a long career, he has managed global roles in multinational banks, run billion-dollar businesses in various markets, driven key innovations and been a serial entrepreneur. He spent nearly 14 years at Citibank, where his group helped drive a common digital roadmap across 42 countries. He is
Co-Founder and Chairman for Global Impact FinTech (GIFT) Foundation, one of the most diverse FinTech forums globally, with leaders from 35 countries. He actively engages with regulators, policymakers, and Industry associations.
Elizabeth Strickler
Director of The Blockchain Lab at ENI in the Robinson College of Business
A passionate believer in creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship, Elizabeth uses her talents to support students and clients to start businesses, tell immersive stories, and build a stronger cultural economy. She is excited to combine her knowledge of media technologies and the decentralized movement with local, digital and international communities. As the Director of Media Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Creative Media Industries Institute (CMII) and The Blockchain Lab at ENI in the Robinson College of Business, she works to make her visions become reality and virtual reality.
Catherine Ross
News and Opinion Editor at Benzinga
Catherine is experienced journalist, editor and media specialist. She managed editorial workflow at Cointelegraph, one of the leading publications covering FinTech and Blockchain. Prior to that, Catherine acted as an Editor at, AI trading software solutions & mobile applications. She was also serving as a simultaneous interpreter at the United Nations Refugee Agency and a volunteer at the Red Cross & Red Crescent societies.
Philippe Bednarek
Co-founder and Chairman of Atlas Group of Companies, CEO of GoldFinX
Philippe's long entrepreneurial history of constantly creating unique financing solutions has been the perfect precursor for embracing and revolutionizing decentralized financing. This relentless pursuit of ideas has led to the inception of GoldFinX, a Fintech-for-good providing sustainable financing to Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mines worldwide.

David Pan
General Manager of ACE Fiat-Crypto Exchange, CEO of Asia Blockchain Accelerator
David is also a Chief Operating Officer at KPMG Innovation and Startups in Taiwan, Director of the Taiwan Subsidiary of China Development Bank (CDB), a Chief Financial Officer at Elite Power, Inc. He held several senior positions in TMT, VC, consulting and construction.
Mark Hamade
Partner at Stealth
Mark is a Conscious Capitalist, meaning he passionately respects People, the Planet and Profitable enterprise. He is an accomplished, visionary senior executive with more than twenty years' experience in driving revenue growth, building world-class teams, enforcing cultures of excellence, strengthening operational effectiveness and increasing profitability. His career spans multiple industries, including renewable energy, enterprise software, industrial engineering and IT services.
Miguel Francis-Santiago
TV Host & Filmmaker, Blockchain Evangelist
Miguel runs an independent documentary film series on blockchain and disruptive technologies, called 'The Future is Now,' and a media network with the same title aimed at mass adoption, covering FinTech, Blockchain, A.I., and IoT. Miguel also produces and creates educational and marketing content for his partners and clients, scaling their image, messaging and branding in the world of disruptive tech.
Hose Mitamura
CEO of Cointelegraph Japan, Head of Japan at
Cointelegraph Japan is the No.1 media brand in the crypto and blockchain space in Japan, credited for its quality journalism and the unwavering commitment to report on the upcoming wave of Web 3.0 and related revolutionary tech innovations. He is also the CEO of a 40-year old Japanese media group with offices across Japan. He graduated from Georgetown University and speaks fluent English, Japanese and Chinese.
Dr. Colin Lee
Chairman BIAA , Blockchain Industry Analyst Association
Dr. Lee has published number of researches on the digital economy of the blockchain industry and financial behavior. He is Founder of Digital Buildrise, Chairmen of BIAA and President of FinTech Chain Global Communities Predium.
Manfred Wong
Blockchain Advisor at Avantas Global
Mr. Wong has over 15 years of experience in capital and financial market. He was a founding member of MBAEx, a crypto exchange which has successfully garnered 1mil users within a year with daily trading volume of more than $1 billion. A strong advocate for bridging real economy into the fascinating and challenging world of the blockchain. He is aspire to push the boundary of blockchain application to realize its true potential and to disrupt the status quo.
Andrey Chmora
R&D in Cryptography, former Principal Researcher at Huawei Technologies
30+ years of experience in cryptography, cryptanalysis, error correcting codes, information theory, computer&communication security, 13 patents of USA and Russian Federation, PhD in Information Theory (Kharkevich Institute). For prominent feat of technology development and outstanding contribution has been awarded by Certificate as the Best Project 2005 Team Member of Samsung Research Center.
Alex Reinhardt
Founder of Platincoin
Alex is an economist with over ten years of practical experience in the startup and venture capital industries. He is an entrepreneur and founder of more than 10 projects in the IT and FinTech industries, with a total capitalization of more than 100 million euros.
Nataly Simson
COINSBIT.IO Business Development Director
7+ years in Asia as a specialist in business development and community building; 5+ years in blockchain technology and crypto projects development. She worked as an Asian Community Development Specialist at Chronobank and led the China Business Development and Community Development Division at RMC. Prior to that, she worked at Clariety as a business development manager and held the position of Investor Relations Specialist in China at TrustED.
Dmitry Makarov
Independent Consultant
Mr. Makarov has an extensive experience on the government level in various regions like Russia, CIS, Balkans, West Africa and Middle East. Having more than 20 years of experience with the regulatory bodies, he promotes deals in more than 10 different areas, including IT, international remittance, headhunting, weapons & aircraft production, oil production & refining, gold mining, banking, diamonds, &, of course, Fintech. Mr. Makarov is a private adviser to government positions & politicians in different countries. For instance, he is the author of several reforms of public finance, dozens of scientific papers and laws.
Matthias Mende
Industry Advisor at Dubai Blockchain Center
A German Award Winning Entrepreneur who is enthusiastic about technologies with the ultimate target of solving some major humanitarian issues on this planet. Over the past 17 years, Matthias has built a unique position in the fostering of relationships. Having travelled extensively across the globe to conferences, conventions, roundtable meetings and key business events. Matthias has positioned himself well with relevant decision-makers, CEO's, politicians, royals and big thinkers in positions of influence and authority.
Sebastian Diaconu
CEO at Avantas Technology Accelerator
Avantas Technology Accelerator is a way to expand Emerging Technologies for government entities, international bodies & large scale enterprises. Accelerator Program under Bin Zayed Group is currently co-creating a technology-enabled future with the United Nations body and government entities in several countries.
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